European Mathematical Society School


New Perspectives on the classification
of Fano Manifolds

September 29 - October 3, 2014

The aim of the school is to bring together 20/30 young researchers in a cosy contest to show them both the new current ideas on the classification of Fano manifolds coming from the theory of mirror symmetry, and the present state of the theory of Fano varieties after the breakthrough work by Shigefumi Mori.

We have funds to cover the full board of about 20 young researchers and limited funds are available to cover partially travel expences.


The School will take place on September 29 - October 3, 2014 in Udine (Italy), at Palazzo Antonini-Mangilli-del Torso site of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 18.



Alessio Corti

Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London

Course Title:

Mirror Symmetry and
Fano manifolds


Yuri Prokhorov

Algebraic Geometry Department
Steklov Mathematical Institute

Course Title:

Explicit birational geometry and
Fano varieties


  • Francesco Zucconi - DIMI - Università di Udine
  • Pietro De Poi - DIMI - Università di Udine